Which Gaming Pc Host Is The Most Powerful Game?

Nowadays, Gaming Pc with the popularity of the “eat chicken” game, everyone’s requirements for Gaming Pc configuration are getting higher and higher. Although the Gaming Pc book is getting more and more attention, it is undeniable that the game console still has a big market, especially the game. The cost of the host is also higher in hardware configuration, so many gamers are more willing to choose to buy the game console.

Many friends who have been playing in the Golden Week have looked back and saw that all the discounts they have missed will always be overwhelming and annoyed. Can you wait for another eleven? Climbing is now quite considerate to bring you a full-fledged host recommendation, and the discount has not been pulled down. I want to configure myself with a high-performance, high-value host, and don’t hurry up.

1.Dell Optiplex 7060 SFF Desktop cheap gaming pc

At present, there are many brands of game consoles, and there are different products for different users. There are pursuits of cool appearances, and there are pursuits of strong performance.

It can be said that many players are dazzled – so today we recommend several popular ones for everyone. The game console, see if there is anyone you like.

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2.Oculus Rift + Touch VR Headset Bundle and best gaming pc by HP

The Avengers V135 adopts the Thunder Century custom chassis, and the large internal space can support the e-sports graphics card and the tower CPU cooler, fully supporting all kinds of hardware upgrades.

The back line design is professional, so the route is no longer your trouble. The frameless full-width side panel design allows the colorful lights to be seen in front of you.

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3.Acer Predator Orion 5000 PO5-610-UR13 budget gaming pc

It is worth mentioning that the Avengers V135 is also equipped with the new Pascal architecture to create the colorful iGame GTX 1050Ti Flame Wars S e-sports graphics card, with powerful performance, allowing you to fully play its performance, up to 4GB of memory to make the game run more For calm.

In addition, it also uses a three-display interface design to make your vision more clear and broad. The dual 90mm large size silent fan can also bring you a cooler and quieter experience.

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4.ASUS ROG Strix GL12CP Premium custom gaming pc

The Avengers V135 is powered by the Gigabyte B360M motherboard, which is tailored for the six-core i5-8500. Its 6-phase CPU power supply design allows the chip to perform at its peak, while the high-speed M.2 SSD slot provides a high-speed, quiet data transfer experience.

The built-in magic sound technology and Japanese audio special capacitors make it easier to identify the enemy’s position during the game.

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5.Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 VR Ready best buy gaming pc

Recommended reason: The Avengers V135, as the next-generation e-sports host, uses the new i5-8500 processor and B360 motherboard to give you a smoother six-core experience.

On this basis, add GTX 1050Ti e-sports graphics card, so that the overall game performance becomes more powerful, the machine configuration is very balanced, the computer monitor can play their own good strength, therefore, this host becomes your smooth An important choice for playing all kinds of games.

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6.Alienware Area 51 R2 Extreme gaming pc cheap

Today’s “eat chicken” game is still hot, and as the first desktop host equipped with eight generations of Core processor, Dell XPS8930-R18N8B performance is also very good in terms of game performance.

As a game console, the Dell XPS8930-R18N8B desktop host is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8700 six-core processor.

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7.CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR with Intel i9-9900K gaming pc for sale

NVIDIA GeFore GTX 1060 discrete graphics (6GB GDDR5), 8GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, and 16GB AoTeng memory +TB The combination of hard disk storage and hardware configuration is excellent.

Users can experience a smooth game experience.At the same time, its chassis also supports tool-free disassembly.

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8.Skytech [RTX 2080 Version] Omega Gaming Computer best pre built gaming pc

One-button out of the box, allowing users to upgrade according to their own needs, in addition, the built-in 460W powerful power supply, and even easy to control high-performance GTX 1080 graphics.

Recommended reason: Dell XPS8930-R18N8B desktop host uses a simple and exquisite design.

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9.MSI Aegis-216US Gaming Desktop GTX 1060 cheapest gaming pc

The overall appearance is like a business product, in the design details of the strict control.

Although the game in recent years is hot, but the desktop still has a lot of market.

Lenovo Y series has always been a familiar brand.

The recommended Y900 has implemented the red and black color scheme of Liang Sao.

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10.CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming Desktop PC affordable gaming pc

decorated with a smart ridgeline, and the overall appearance is quite individual.

Backplane routing, internal and external unified black and red color matching.

support for full-length graphics expansion, support for universal water cooling system components.

providing the ultimate space for the ultimate player.

In addition, the Y900’s strongest performance backing is from the NVIDIA GTX970 high-end fever gaming graphics card.

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