What Brand Of Computer Monitor Is Good?

What brand of computer monitor is good? There are many brands of computer monitors. Everyone wants to buy a display with high cost performance and good quality. What are the characteristics of these monitor brands? Which one is suitable for you? Let’s take a look at the analysis below.

1.Philips Brilliance LCD Monitor 4k computer monitor

Philips: Product quality has always been first class

Philips is a European brand. The products have always been the European atmosphere, the simple route, has launched a number of classic models, including the king P-series products of many players.

Coupled with the fact that the display is indeed getting thinner and thinner, there is a case in which Edmund is fully responsible for the domestic Philips display brand. So, now Philips is actually a company brand with AOC.

The author’s evaluation of Philips monitors in recent time found that Philips monitors still maintain the first-class quality, at least the quality is not worse than the original products.

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2.Samsung 28″ 4K UHD best computer monitor

Samsung: the first domestic brand 90% outstanding

When it comes to display brands, it is second to none. As everyone knows, Samsung is a Korean brand, but on Samsung’s official Chinese page, there is basically no Korean word, so it is obvious that Samsung is really trying to integrate into the big family of China.

In the era of CRT, Samsung Display and LG, Philips and called the market’s three first-line brands, and ranked first. After entering the LCD era, Samsung is also among the best, and the brand influence still ranks first. Therefore, regardless of whether everyone disagrees or wishes, “Samsung” is indeed the most influential brand in the domestic display market.

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3.Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch curved computer monitor

DELL: the “god” in the minds of consumer players

DELL is an international IT equipment supplier, the American brand. The display only accounts for a very small part of DELL’s overall sales, so in fact, for DELL, it does not pay much attention to the display. However, DELL has always been a high-end route, and several generations of classic products have become the preferred brand among domestic players. It can be said to be the first brand of quasi-professional monitors.

DELL’s monitors are mostly designed to be stable and have a professional feel. The details of the materials, is also impeccable, as long as it is produced by DELL, it is absolutely super class. (The above language is by no means an exaggeration. It is easy to draw the above conclusions by comparing DELL’s display with consumer-grade products on the market.)

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4.Asus 23.8-Inch Screen oled computer monitor

Asus: the appearance is really good, but a bit expensive

In the author’s article of the same name last week, some readers wrote that “ASUS passed very calmly~” “ASUS looked very sad.” I don’t know what the purpose of these readers is, but I still feel that it is necessary to comment on Asus.

As the big brother in the domestic board industry, Asus is weaker in the display field. At least from the sales of our IT168 monitors, ASUS monitors must be at least seven or eight.

As far as the ASUS tablet display products themselves are concerned, they have always paid special attention to the external design process. Only the external design process is absolutely first-class. However, in terms of the display effect, it is a lot worse, and it really belongs to the second-rate level. (At least two years of time)

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5.NEC EA271U-BK 27.4″ 4K UHD portable computer monitor

NEC: the embodiment of the highest cost performance

Many friends who have been stunned by this brand have not heard of it. Some friends may think that it is a cottage. But in fact, this brand is still very strong, and the singular backstage company is Haoyu Caijing. HannStar has its own panel factory and has its own display factory.

There are many brands of display assembly factories, but there are really few monitor brands in their own panel factories. Therefore, in view of the strength of this brand, it is still ranked in the market.

The singularly singular products are also very general in terms of design. Most of the displays are all in the middle and still maintain the old appearance a few years ago.

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6.HP Z30I 30-INCH IPS hdmi computer monitor

hp: the only national brand computer monitor in world does not display

Of course, there are many domestic display brands. It is also possible to count the dozens of cottage brands. However, it is really only in the market that is so fierce in the current fierce competition, and it is only the “Great Wall”. Therefore, if a friend wants to support domestic products, the absolute first choice is the Great Wall.

But as time went by, we also saw the progress of the Great Wall display. Some low-cost displays can only provide adjustment of brightness, contrast, and color temperature, and the applicability is significantly worse.

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7.ViewSonic XG2700-4K 27 Inch computer monitor reviews

ViewSonic: first-class products, non-inflow operations

ViewSonic is one of the top four brands in the CRT era. At that time, the main brands in the market, Samsung, LG, Philips, and then the ViewSonic, and the gap between the four brands at that time is not very big, ViewSonic definitely takes up a lot of A mainstream brand with market share.

But after entering the era of LCD monitors, ViewSonic has fallen. The reasons for the specific decline are many, but in terms of consumer and product, the main aspects are as follows. The product positioning is too high, which is higher than the consumer expectation, so consumers do not accept it. Many times invested a lot of money and energy in the high-end products field, but the market recognition is poor, after many failures, gradually widened the gap with other brands.

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8.AOC 3840X2160 IPS Gaming Monitor small computer monitor

AOC: the real rapid development from small to sales first

I believe that everyone will have no opinions.Speaking of AOC, I have to mention TPV. TPV is a Taiwanese company. It is currently the world’s largest display foundry with tens of millions of products per year. AOC used to be a sub-brand of its own. Pay attention to the word “everyone” that I used before.They are all steadily improving.

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9.LG Electronics Gaming 32-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor computer monitor sizes

LG: in terms of products, absolutely super-class

LG is also a Korean brandThe specific reasons are not related to the consumer’s purchase of the product, the author will not talk about it. Therefore, in terms of products, LG’s display is also first-class.The most obvious shortcoming of the LG display is actually the after-sales, it only provides a one-year warranty. The price of the display is also slightly higher.

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10.PD3200Q 32 DVI/HDMI/DP/MINI DP 16:9 QHD computer monitor sale

BenQ: Always at the forefront of the market

BenQ is a brand that has always been at the forefront of the market.If you talk about product quality alone, BenQ is also quite good. The design has its own unique style, and the quality and craftsmanship is absolutely first-class. The price has always been quite cheap. On the other hand, it also has a lot to do with the overall decline of BenQ Group. Although the brand influence has indeed declined, the product has indeed been good.

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