Top 8 Big Screen Crit Fast Charge Tablet

Since Steve Jobs launched its first-generation iPad tablet, the tablet has become an electronic device that supports entertainment and light office work. With the continuous advancement of mobile devices, in order to enable more people to use the tablet, entry-level tablets are born.

Many people have thought that entry-level tablets are some e-wastes that experience poor workmanship. Buying homes and even electronic photo frames are not eligible. But after a series of technical precipitation, this phenomenon has changed a lot. Next, the tablet will tell you that the entry-level tablet is not actually getting started.

1.2019 Samsung Galaxy Tabet E 9.6″ 1280 x 800 Pixels 

In the traditional concept, the entry-level tablet can be said to reduce or reduce the design. After all, it is necessary to control the cost, and the design process can save all the provinces, so the stupidity becomes the entry-level product. Inherent impression. Obviously, there is no way to go, and now consumers are paying more and more attention to the value of the products, so entry-level products should also work hard on the appearance.

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2.Android Cell Phone Tablet 10 inch 64G RAM best android tablet

The color matching of the front black and gray is very low-key and calm. Unlike the current mainstream glass material, the metal material is not only calm and restrained in appearance, but also effectively prevents fingerprints. After removing it for a long time, the flat panel becomes a fingerprint collector. .

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3.Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB 7.9″ Retina Display (Wi-Fi Only, Space Gray)

The right side of the fuselage is the volume addition and subtraction and power switch button, which is consistent with the traditional tablet design, continuing the previous operating habits, users do not need to adapt to get started, more convenient.

Above is a Micro USB interface and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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4.Samsung SM-T817A Galaxy Tab S2 32 GB Tablet

It is worth noting that a small slot is also designed next to the headset to facilitate the removal of the SIM card and the TF expansion card. Below are two speakers.

As an entry-level tablet, everyone definitely did not expect too much attention to its configuration, but Taipower M5S still gave us a little surprise. The front side adopts a 10.1-inch resolution of 1920×1200.

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5.Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 1TB) best tablet

Due to the laptops increased resolution, the screen display is much stronger than many entry-level tablets, and the details are better. In addition, the M5S screen has also added OGS technology, which has improved clarity, transparency and touch response. This CPU is quite familiar to everyone on the mobile phone.

This is a 20nm process with two 2.3GHz A72s and four A53s and four high-frequency A53s. The GPU is ARM. The main frequency is 780MHz T800-MP4.

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6.Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or 6 | 12.3″ Touchscreen windows tablet

The most direct and fastest way to test the processor hardware is to take a look at it. In the Antu Bunny running, the tablet ran to 100,806 points. From the actual performance point of view, this processor is no problem for most of the daily application scenarios.

To this end, I also specifically tested the performance of two large-scale games “Stimulus Battlefield” and “Glory Glory” on the market.

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7.Apple 11″ iPad Pro 2018 Model  gaming tablet

occasionally falls to about 40 frames in the group battle, but it does not affect the game. Operation, there is no obvious local hot after playing for a long time.
In the “Stimulus Battlefield” game, perhaps because there is no special optimization, you can only jump to the balance of quality. Although the picture quality is not so high-definition, it does not affect the game experience. There is no obvious card drop frame during the game.

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8.Lenovo Yoga Tablet YT3-850F 16GB ARM best cheap tablet

Finally, let’s take a look at the battery, built-in 6600mAh capacity battery. After two days of game and video testing, it is basically no problem to use it for a week. The first positioning is just an entry-level tablet, so it can satisfy the vast majority of people in terms of entertainment, so if you want to look at it with the eyes of the iPad, it is obviously unfair. Let’s take a look at the price. It’s pretty good to buy a tablet with this configuration at a cheap price. If you are a student party, or want to buy it for kids to watch cartoons or play mini games, The tablet is obviously a good choice.

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