New Year’s TV! These 4K TVs Are Worth Having

best 4k tv for gaming

Best 4k tv helps everyone enjoy the show in a year. Watching the show with best 4k tv will leave the festival with only one month or less in the blink of an eye.

The most important thing during the best 4k tv show is the greetings of New Year’s relatives and friends watching TV together. Everyone visits the family and talks about what TV to watch with best 4k tv.

With the companion of best 4k tv this is the most common and warmest thing in the New Year.Many people pay attention to the best TV of others when watching TV with best 4k tv. Don’t miss this article about choosing best 4k tv! Today our testers recommend several large screen slim TV sets. Especially in the living room environment which the best 70-inch TV can bring extraordinary viewing results.

4K Smart Tv

NameRatingMore Detail
1.SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof 4K 3D Tv9/10Check Info
2.Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA 55-Inch 4K Tv Deals9/10Check Info
3.Sony XBR55X930E 55-Inch Sony 4K Tv10/10Check Info
4.Music Computing MCLCDTTV55024k Motion Command 55" 2-4K Smart Tv 9/10Check Info
5.Sharp LC-75N8000U 75" 4K Tv Reviews 10/10Check Info
6.LG Electronics 65SK9500PUA 65-Inch Cheap 4k Tv9/10Check Info
7.Samsung QN82Q8FNB 82" Q8FN QLED Best 4K Tv Deals8/10Check Info
8.LG OLED55E8PUA 55" Class E8 OLED Smallest 4K Tv9/10Check Info
9.Sony XBR-85X850F 85" BRAVIA 4K Uhd Tv9/10Check Info
10.Samsung 55" Q7CN QLED Curved Smart 4K Ultra Hd Tv8/10Check Info

1.SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof 4K 3D Tv

best 43 inch 4k tv

SunBriteTV 4k tv
In terms of appearance, SunBriteTV best 4k tv is made entirely of champagne gold metal and the thinnest part is 9.7mm. In terms of hardware, this best 4k tv processor uses a 64-bit 10-core configuration including a 4-core CPU + 6-core image processor. It is also equipped with dual-band WIFI for easy game play.

In addition, the interactive UI support voice and somatosensory remote control for the best 4k tv system. Consider the problem of old 4k tv for the elderly and children. SunBriteTV’s designers have also made humane considerations.

  • Advanced pixel texture
  • Excellent UI design
  • Large memory space
  • Moisture proof

Check Detail

2.Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA 55-Inch 4K Tv Deals

best 55 inch 4k tv

Samsung 4k tv
Designers also have a lot of built-in video resources when designing the Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA as best 4k tv. SunBriteTV and Sony are trying to cooperate and customize in the design concept of best 4k tv. But Samsung’s UN55MU8500FXZA best 4k tv from TV series variety, Movies to animation, documentaries have everything. A lot of resources perfectly explain the existence of best 4k tv. UN55MU8500FXZA 4k tv creates a true home theater.

It is mentioned that the LCD-70TX8008A TV uses surround sound technology.This technique is generally used on the best computer monitor.But the UN55MU8500FXZA 4k tv not only has the above technology but also supports DTS and Dolby decoding is ideal for aircraft and bullets. At the same time, the 4k TV also supports H.265 hard decoding technology with better picture quality. It can effectively save network bandwidth and improve video transmission speed.

  • Good space mix
  • Improved laser mode
  • Reduces odor after prolonged use
  • Speed is not the best

Check Detail

3.Sony XBR55X930E 55-Inch Sony 4K Tv

best 65 inch 4k tv

sony 4k tv
Sony’s 4k TV is recognized in all areas. The so-called XBR55X930E best 4k tv from Sony is even more surprising. The speaker uses integrated speakers. This technology is difficult to break for both Samsung 4k tv and SunBriteTV 4k tv. Our testers recommend this best 4k tv to say that you enjoy a movie-like experience at home!

In addition, the XBR55X930E best 4k tv interface is also very rich. The interface design has three HDMI network interfaces, two USB ports and one analog/digital interface and one expansion card SD / SDHC card slot.You can greatly meet your daily needs for playing such a best 4k tv game With gaming headset.Then XBR55X930E is also a best 4k tv for gaming if you want to choose a 4k tv to play games.

  • Network connection is stable
  • More screen size options
  • Glasses protection
  • Sometimes Caton

Check Detail

4.Music Computing MCLCDTTV55024k Motion Command 55″ 2-4K Smart Tv

best 43 inch 4k tv

4k smart tv
Recommended reason before the evaluation of the Sharp LCD-70TX8008A TV is equipped with a high-brightness backlight system and wide color gamut technology. This technology is not a good thing for music computing 4k tv. In the list of recommended best 4k tv. We selected MCLCDTTV55024k for everyone. This best 4k tv brings up to 82% NTSC color gamut through cadmium-free backlight system to further enhance the color of the picture is its highlight .

MCLCDTTV55024k has built-in rich video resource platform and supports H.265 hard decoding technology. The representative best 4k tv has better picture quality and can effectively save network bandwidth. Video transmission speed is faster. Enjoy MCLCDTTV55024k bright at home. visual feast!

  • Very convenient operating system
  • Resolution evaluation is very good
  • Environmentally friendly material body
  • Memory needs to be expanded

Check Detail

5.Sharp LC-75N8000U 75″ 4K Tv Reviews

best 4k tv for gaming

best budget 4k tv
Comparing the parameters of music Computing 4k tv. best 4k tv needs to meet the viewing needs of the whole family. Especially when watching TV with many people using best 4k tv. XBR55X930E It can be very smooth and clear when displaying moving images. This product can do better than it for the Sharp LC-75N8000U. When the tester chose this TV as a list of tv. This is also a tv for everyone to find the best budget.

The ultra-thin body of the Skyworth 55S8 is only 4.7 mm. Sharp’s LC-75N8000U will not be worse than this value. This product front is frameless design. The TV design style is very beautiful overall. Speaking of this tv visual effect. it is also equipped with LG Display original OLED screen. This tv is your best choice if you want to choose a best tv that suits your budget.

  • Amazing design style
  • Superb smart technology
  • Great quality
  • Mounting bracket problem

Check Detail

6.LG Electronics 65SK9500PUA 65-Inch Cheap 4k Tv

best budget 4k tv

lg 4k tv
Pixels are the best reason to recommend tv. LG Electronics 65SK9500PUA has 33.17 million sub-pixels in its pixel control technology. This is obviously insufficient in the LC-75N8000U. Regardless of the choice of tv which point-to-point precision control and independent Light units are required for pixel settings. This 65SK9500PUA has done it. It is also considered one of the best tv that because of this feature.

Recommended reason 65SK9500PUA equipped with the most popular OLED screen for pixel control. This configuration allows tv to accurately control the picture details. 65SK9500PUA has reached a new level in the screen contrast viewing angle and dynamic picture. This is better than the technical level of Samsung tv.

  • Advanced screen material
  • Excellent storage space
  • The price is very competitive
  • Watch HD, sometimes Caton

Check Detail

7.Samsung QN82Q8FNB 82″ Q8FN QLED Best 4K Tv Deals

best 4k hdr tv

4k tv reviews
Sharp LCD-60SU470A has Sharp 10 generation line panel. Samsung generally prefers to use 60-inch large screen when designing tv. But the resolution of LCD-60SU470A tv 3840 * 2160 will not look bad. QN82Q8FNB is a member of Samsung best tv. This product uses HDR technology and renders each frame. The perfect display and multi-function playback system make it difficult to forget the benefits of this Samsung after using it.

The details of the QN82Q8FNB highlights are more accurate and the grayscale of the dark part is more accurate. Compare the best gaming pc with the XBR55X930E when playing games.This tv can also let you swim in speed and picture quality. It is not so much a tv is a family budget version. It is better to be a perfect Tv for gaming.

  • Real 4k technology
  • Smart voice is great
  • Unique operator interface
  • No one button to start

Check Detail

8.LG OLED55E8PUA 55” Class E8 OLED Smallest 4K Tv

best cheap 4k tv

4k 3d tv
The tester once praised the Sharp LCD-60SU470A as the new model of Sharp 2017 in evaluating the appearance of best products. However, the recommended lg is also particularly stunning in appearance. OLED55E8PUA has not only kept the process design With the consistent requirements for the value of the fuselage. And after comparing the 65SK9500PUA you will find that this is reflected in all parts of the fuselage.

The LG tv is especially good at the processing and design of the bezel. The pure black color scheme keeps the LG OLED55E8PUA high in cold. But for the user to choose a tv which is also a very moderate budget choice. The multi-size choice for this can meet the needs of various groups of people.

  • Easy to operate
  • Multi-energy area
  • Wide range of people
  • Need to improve noise reduction

Check Detail

9.Sony XBR-85X850F 85″ BRAVIA 4K Uhd Tv

best 4k tv for xbox one x

cheap 4k tv
Evaluation of the best 4k tv indicator generally requires a 60-inch field of view. There are many sizes to choose from in the LG OLED55E8PUA and Samsung QN82Q8FNB mentioned above. It is also important to match a best tv in the furniture style. So choosing the Sony XBR-85X850F as a member of the tv list is a good choice for everyday home TV. That is because of its spatial realization and style matching which can be perfect for the title of tv.

The Sony XBR-85X850F 4k tv’s ultra-clear quality technology delivers near-natural color effects. This technology is not what SunBriteTV can do. The XBR-85X850F seems to be in real-world scenarios by precisely adjusting and reproducing the details and colors. Let every viewer have a good feeling in using this 4k tv.

  • User-friendly design
  • Strong market competitiveness
  • Product warranty is very good
  • After-sales service needs improvement

Check Detail

10.Samsung 55″ Q7CN QLED Curved Smart 4K Ultra Hd Tv

best 4k tv for ps4 pro

4k uhd tv
Finally, this best 4k tv is Samsung’s Q7CN.Q7CN QLED with HDR high dynamic range image technology to provide realistic detail and brightness for your image. Compared with Sony XBR-85X850F with ultra high definition local light control technology The multi-block control of the screen. Q7CN QLED gives you better color and sharper contrast. This technology is not only difficult to implement with Sony but also LG can only be used.

Recommended reason: This Samsung Ultra HD TV has ultra high definition TV resolution. Realistic details and can quickly find and automatically identify connected devices. Automatic display of device names makes your input selection a breeze.

  • Interesting game design
  • Stable network signal
  • Screen resolution is very soft
  • Fast switching will be stuck

Check Detail

How to choose TV size?

The living room of each family is the size will be different when choosing a TV. At this time we have to know how to choose the size of the TV? Our testers believe that the choice of TV size is related to our viewing distance and the size of the TV background wall. When the TV wall is large enough, the size of the TV should be relatively large. In general, the width of the background wall of the TV is 2 to 2.5 times the width of the TV. The distance between the TV and the TV in the 20-30 square meter living room is between 3-5. The machine size is good at 29-39 inches. The size of the living room is between 30-40 square meters. The size of the TV set should be between 43-56 inches. Everyone knows how to choose the size of the TV.

How to use the TV correctly?

1. The TV should be placed in a stable, clean and ventilated place and protected from direct sunlight. Because moisture and ash can easily cause ignition inside the machine, the tube will be exposed to sunlight or strong light, which will accelerate the aging of the picture tube. The materials used in the TV sets are preferably soft, breathable and gray-proof silks.

2. If you need to change the channel to watch the program channel switch, you should generally rotate it clockwise as well.

3. The room in the TV program should be moderately light. Too dark and easy to make the eyes fatigue too bright The brightness of the tube is easy to make the picture tube aging. Generally, only 8 watts of fluorescent lamps can be turned on the TV.

4. The TV should be fixed as far as possible and should not be moved. Any parts that can be adjusted should not be rotated frequently to reduce wear and prolong service life. Generally, after adjusting the antenna, do not retract it.

5. During the rainy season, you should always use the heat generated by the machine to dissipate the moisture.

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