New Year’s TV! These 4K TVs Are Worth Having

4k tv In the festival of the year, in the blink of an eye, there is only one month left before the Festival.4K TV During the Festival, the most important thing is the New Year’s greetings between relatives and friends. Everyone visits each other’s homes, talks about homework, licks melon seeds, and watches TV.

It is the most common and warmest thing in the Spring Festival. When it comes to watching TV, many people pay attention to the TVs of other people’s homes. Don’t miss this article! Today, I recommend several large-screen ultra-thin TV sets.

Especially in the living room environment, the 70-inch TV can bring extraordinary viewing effects.

1.SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof 4K 3D Tv

In terms of appearance, the TV is entirely made of champagne gold metal, with the thinnest part being 9.7mm. On the hardware side, the processor uses a 64-bit 10-core configuration, including a 4-core CPU + 6-core image processor, and is equipped with dual-band WIFI for easy game play.

In addition, the system uses a cross-interactive UI to support voice and somatosensory remote control, and the elderly and children can easily operate!

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2.Samsung UN55MU8500FXZA 55-Inch 4K Tv Deals

At the same time, the built-in video resources are also very rich, Sharp and Galaxy kiwi content strong cooperation, try to cooperate and customize, from TV series, variety, movies to animation, documentary film, everything, and a huge amount of resources to look at, to create a true home theater.

The LCD-70TX8008A TV uses surround sound technology and supports DTS and Dolby decoding, making it perfect for both airplanes and bullets. At the same time, this TV also supports H.265 hard decoding technology, with better picture quality, which can effectively save network bandwidth and make video transmission faster.

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3.Sony XBR55X930E 55-Inch Sony 4K Tv

Even more surprising is that the speaker uses an integrated speaker, which can be said to enjoy the cinema-like experience at home!

In addition, the interface is also very rich, the interface design has three HDMI, network interface, two USB interfaces, an analog / digital interface, as well as an expansion card SD / SDHC card slot,gaming headset which greatly meets daily needs.

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4.Music Computing MCLCDTTV55024k Motion Command 55″ 2-4K Smart Tv

Recommended reason: This Sharp LCD-70TX8008A TV equipped with high-brightness backlight system and wide color gamut technology, through the cadmium-free backlight system to bring up to 82% NTSC color gamut, can further improve the color of the picture.

Built-in IQI, GITV, kiwi TV and other video resources platform, as well as support H.265 hard decoding technology, with better picture quality, can effectively save network bandwidth, video transmission speed is faster, sitting at home Enjoy the bright visual feast of HD!

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5.Sharp LC-75N8000U 75″ 4K Tv Reviews

TV needs to meet the viewing needs of the whole family, especially when viewing with multiple people is very important. It can be very smooth and clear when displaying moving pictures.

The Skyworth 55S8 has an ultra-thin body of only 4.7mm. The front has a visual frameless design. The whole machine is integrally formed and is very beautiful. Equipped with LG Display original OLED screen.

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6.LG Electronics 65SK9500PUA 65-Inch Cheap 4k Tv

Its pixel control technology has 33.17 million sub-pixels, point-to-point precision control, and independent Light unit.

Recommended reason: equipped with the hottest OLED screen to achieve pixel control, can accurately control the details of the picture, in the picture contrast, viewing angle, motion picture have reached a new level.

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7.Samsung QN82Q8FNB 82″ Q8FN QLED Best 4K Tv Deals

Sharp LCD-60SU470A has Sharp 10 generation line panel, 60-inch large field of view, 3840 * 2160 resolution. It adopts HDR technology, and by rendering each frame.

The details of the highlights are more abundant, and the grayscale of the dark parts is more accurate.

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8.LG OLED55E8PUA 55” Class E8 OLED Smallest 4K Tv

In appearance, Sharp LCD-60SU470A as the new model of Sharp 2017, in the process design has maintained the consistent requirements for the value of the face, reflected in the various parts of the fuselage.

Narrow border, pure black color matching maintained A high sense of cold.

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9.Sony XBR-85X850F 85″ BRAVIA 4K Uhd Tv

60-inch large field of view, is a good choice for everyday home TV!

Ultra-clear enamel quality technology can bring near-natural color effects. Through accurate regulation and reproduction, details and colors seem to be in the real scene.

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10.Samsung 55″ Q7CN QLED Curved Smart 4K Ultra Hd Tv

HDR high dynamic range image technology gives your images a realistic feast with realistic detail and brightness.

Ultra-high-definition localized light control technology realizes multi-block control of the screen, giving you better color and clearer contrast.

Recommended reason: Samsung Ultra HD TV has ultra-high definition TV resolution, realistic details; and can quickly find and automatically identify connected devices. Automatically display device names to make your input choices a breeze.

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