Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical gaming keyboard authoritative evaluation

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Overview: The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is more than just a mechanical keyboard with top-of-the-line gaming features, and it is a serious threat to the keyboards of the big brands Razer, Corsair, Steelseries and more.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard related information has been the attention of the majority of users, if you have problems with the choice of gaming keyboard, you can refer to

best 14 Game Keyboards In 2018 This article,

I will not introduce more in this small series here.

Next, we will focus on the following topics. The small series will introduce the related parameters and technical structure of the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard from the following aspects:



1.Romer-G(TM) Mechanical Shaft Applications
2.How does the high performance light guide board work on this keyboard?
3.What is the effect of multiple backlight modes?
4.How is the ARX control integrated on this keyboard?
5.Can more game features meet everyone’s needs?

Feature of product:

The Romer-G(TM) mechanical shaft significantly increases the trigger speed;

The RGB backlight system can be customized.

ARX CONTROL mobile monitoring and control

Simple, full-size design with a comfortable soft touch button cap

1.Romer-G(TM) Mechanical Shaft Applications – Logitech G810




1.5mm trigger distance, using the G810 glare mechanical gaming keyboard, it will not feel tired even in long battles, very comfortable



Long-lasting button life and dual-touch switch design allow fast and accurate commands to be communicated every time.



Intelligent RGB backlight system.


The advantages of this design do have a very special feel for tapping. Of course, the button also sees the fancy RGB lights. From this design, you can see his solid structure.


2.How does the high performance light guide board work on this keyboard?




Concentrated and bright LED lighting and reduced shine.



The light is concentrated on the key letters, no light, the keyboard light is clear and clean, and each letter is clearly visible.





Contrast the spilled product, the underside of the keycap overflows, causing the light to glare in the dark, and the letters are partially blurred


This specially designed high-performance light guide plate, the light is refracted to the center after being emitted from the light guide plate, so that the light is concentrated and the light is clean and bright. This is a highlight of this keyboard, and no contrast is really harmless!


3.What is the effect of multiple backlight modes?



RGB backlight system, each button can customize your color, the software is not used here to introduce, here are some official data for your reference!


Please visit to download the Logitech G-series game software: support.logitech.com

Free mode, set different colors for each button, you can break a variety of preset effects, such as starlight, waves, etc.

Partition mode, set some buttons to the same color


Light sync function:


Use Logitech Gaming Software to sync the lighting colors and modes of the Logitech game products you are using.


The key points you will find are: This keyboard supports monochrome, breathing mode or light cycle mode.
So far, I have made two custom settings for my keyboard, and I like to switch between them. I was impressed with the RGB color selection and can easily be placed into any color I want. You can literally choose a different color for each key – if you have that time! There are also a variety of preset options, so if you take the time to create a profile, you can back it up (so your hard work won’t be lost).


4.How is the ARX control integrated on this keyboard?


For smart link mobile devices, the G810 and computer games are still available here.

For details, you can do the following:

Please search for “ARX CONTROL” in the IOS and Android stores and download the app.

ARX CONTROL APP The following information can be displayed:
-Important game data: life, money, magic, ammunition, etc.。
-Instant computer situation: main core usage, temperature, memory usage
-Settings on Logitech Gaming Devices



5.Can more game features meet everyone’s needs?



Full size design:
A simple, full-size keyboard design that optimizes keyboard performance. A soft touch keycap provides a comfortable typing experience.

Ergonomic design:

Tap the upper part of the keyboard, touch the button on the fingertips, and the key cap is slightly tilted back.
Tap the lower part of the keyboard, touch the button with your fingertips, and push the button slightly forward


Programmable button settings:

F1-F12 buttons with programmable button functions for customizing key macro settings in Logitech game software




Media control button:

Media controls to play, pause, and mute music and video. The on-board scroll bar adjusts the volume or jumps to a stunning scene with the touch of a button.




Button anti-shock and simultaneous input:

Even with the intense gameplay, with the protection of the 104-key anti-collision feature, the keyboard can accurately record the commands for each key input.

Simultaneous 26-key input allows you to press any number of buttons and modifiers (CTR/ALT/SHIFT) in any order to accurately achieve the desired function.



Game mode switch button:
G810 supports custom game mode setting key lock function, users can customize the game mode setting button to disable those buttons (default lock WINDOWS button)
* Need to be set in the Logitech game software.

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