Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum mechanical gaming keyboard authoritative evaluation

logitech g810 orion spectrum
As the world’s most famous computer peripheral equipment supplier, Logitech’s products have always been synonymous with quality to help people enjoy a better experience. Many users will also use Logitech as a reference brand when purchasing peripheral products. Logitech recently brought us the G810 RGB gaming mechanical keyboard.

The biggest feature of the Logitech G810 is that it uses Logitech’s own Romer-G mechanical shaft. This is a new mechanical shaft developed by Logitech and Omron. At the same time, the addition of RGB backlights also enhances the visual effects of the keyboard. It is very suitable for players who like personalized products.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum

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Overview: The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is more than just a mechanical keyboard with top-of-the-line gaming features, and it is a serious threat to the keyboards of the big brands Razer, Corsair, Steelseries and more.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard related information has been the attention of the majority of users,.you can refer to best 14 Game Keyboards this year This article if you have problems with the choice of gaming keyboard.I will not introduce more in this small series here.

Best logitech g810 orion spectrum

Feature of product:The RGB backlight system can be customized.ARX CONTROL mobile monitoring and control.Simple, full-size design with a comfortable soft touch button cap.

1.Romer-G(TM) Mechanical Shaft Applications – Logitech G810

1.5mm trigger distance, using the G810 glare mechanical gaming keyboard, it will not feel tired even in long battles, very comfortable.Long-lasting button life and dual-touch switch design allow fast and accurate commands to be communicated every time.Intelligent RGB backlight system.The advantages of this design do have a very special feel for tapping.From this design, you can see his solid structure.

Logitech g810 orion spectrum’s border width is suitable for a very stable feeling. The logitech g810 orion spectrum and the workmanship of the keycaps together have a very simple taste. From the visual perception and feel are more traditional.

This is also the “Logitech design style” that users are familiar with. Logitech g810 orion spectrum at the top right of the multimedia control button. Now the mechanical keyboard has begun to pay attention to set the multimedia control button is very convenient in the best gaming pc music and video playback control.the right corner of the volume control knob plastic sense is slightly heavy.

2.How does the high performance light guide board work on this keyboard?

Concentrated and bright LED lighting and reduced shine.The light is concentrated on the key letters, no light, the keyboard light is clear and clean and each letter is clearly visible.Contrast the spilled product, the underside of the keycap overflows, causing the light to glare in the dark and the letters are partially blurred.This is a highlight of this keyboard, and no contrast is really harmless!

There is also a special control button on the logitech g810 orion spectrum keyboard. The icon is a rocker pattern. This button is the game mode switch button. The game mode  set in the control software. You can quickly switch to the game mode when playing the game. Custom lights, custom button functions and macros used in the game mode.

In the case of the leg retraction, the minimum side height is 34.3mm, and the G 810’s key cap does not seem to be a lot shorter. The commercially available mechanical keyboard is slightly shorter. The key stroke is also shorter and the wrist rest is more comfortable. The side frame has a gravure of the logitech g810 orion spectrum. It  seen from the side that the button height is a shallow U-shaped change. The arc of the button arranged in consideration of the ergonomic design.

3.What is the effect of multiple backlight modes?

RGB backlight system, each button can customize your color, the software not use here to introduce, here are some official data for your reference!Please visit to download the Logitech G-series game software:support.logitech.com.Partition mode, set some buttons to the same color

Light sync function:Use Logitech Gaming Software to sync the lighting colors and modes of the Logitech game products you are using.The key points you will find are: This keyboard supports monochrome, breathing mode or light cycle mode.I impressed with the RGB color selection and can easily  place into any color I want. You can literally choose a different color for each key – if you have that time!

Remove the keycap to see Logitech’s exclusive OMRON key shaft. Unlike the cherry X structure, Omron’s key shaft forced from four directions of up, down, left and right. Omron has two-contact redundant design on the keyboard. One of the two contacts. The one of the two contacts receives the command first. This key input is successful even if the other one fails.

4.How is the ARX control integrated on this keyboard?

logitech g810 orion spectrum Reviews

Please search for “ARX CONTROL” in the IOS and Android stores and download the app.-Important game data: life, money, magic, ammunition, etc.-Instant computer situation: main core usage, temperature, memory usage-Settings on Logitech Gaming Devices

The Romer-G shaft uses a central surface LED backlight design. The light evenly focused through the light pipe at the top of the button. It minimizes light leakage and minimizes stray light between the keycaps. Better light effects. Omron’s light transmission design and cherry axis Kaihua axis are not the same as the brightness and uniformity control.

The shortcut functions of the buttons are all available. The button macros of course also contain the features of the mechanical keyboard. And you can monitor the frequency of key presses on your keyboard. After setting the backlight, the keyboard becomes beautiful. The G810’s backlight well-proportioned and the minimalist design with the best budget gaming headset is also very eye-catching.

Adding RGB lighting effects is still a very dignified keyboard which is quite different from the “non-mainstream style” exaggerated style and equivalent gaming keyboard temperament. The Logitech logo in the upper left corner is also very beautiful. Unlike keyboards with up to 0-20 backlight dynamics, Logitech’s backlight mode is not much. But the most common one is the wave effect. Test other modes or feel the wave mode is more classic.

5.Can more game features meet everyone’s needs?

The G810 has a game mode and connected to a server to download button layouts for various games and software. It seen that the official 607 button configuration file is currently available. Basically, the game masterpieces cover even the most popular games like LOL and CS.

In the case of the game button mode loading, the backlight of the keyboard mainly lights up the main buttons in the game and other buttons have no lights for the player to operate. In addition to the game mode button configuration can also loaded into the common office software key configuration file. For example, Word\excel, this will make it easier to use the shortcut keys and combination buttons when using the office software to improve work efficiency.

There are many effects in the light mode. You can choose color ripple, breathing mode, loop and specific areas. You can also choose your own color scheme separately and most of the RGB keyboard.

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