Best 15 Gaming Keyboard

best cheap mechanical keyboard

These offer a range of gaming keyboard advantages. First for the gaming keyboard that you may want a mechanical board.Gaming keyboard for the rubber dome can be used to highlight specific game control schemes.including programmable macro keys.

reactive key switches and stylish RGB lighting and mechanical switches are growing in function, quality and complex Hybrid.The latest advances in wireless models also mean that you are not always tied to your desktop. So many of your decisions will depend on which mechanical switch is best for your needs and taste. As a professional player. You must rely on the quick response of the gaming keyboard to complete your work.

So which one of the most eye-catching options determines the best gaming keyboard? Choosing the best gaming keyboard for you can be a tricky task. Every company in the sun offers a variety of products and various types of players at various price points.

We even see the mix The implementation of the switch incorporates new technologies we have never seen before in the keyboard field. We have created an in-depth purchase guide to explain the differences between each model.

In addition to your computer, when you participate in any virtual stage, your mouse and best gaming keyboard are you One of the most precious weapons. We also tested all the latest keyboards to provide the best and best list of the best in each category. It’s as simple as choosing The Best SSD.

Top 15 Gaming Keyboard

NameScoreMore Detail
CORSAIR K9510/10Check Info
SteelSeries Apex 3509/10Check Info
Logitech G91010/10Check Info
Cougar 700k9/10Check Info
Corsair K559/10Check Info
Razer Black Widow Spider Symphony V29/10Check Info
The CORSAIR K6310/10Check Info
HyperX Alloy Elite Kingston9/10Check Info
G.SKILL KM780R RGB9/10Check Info
VicTsing Mechanical9/10Check Info
Corsair Vengeance K709/10Check Info
SteelSeries 6Gv28/10Check Info
ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro9/10Check Info
Cooler Master MK-750-GKCM1-US9/10Check Info
Mad Catz STRIKE 7 GB8/10Check Info


best budget gaming keyboard

CORSAIR K95The game keyboard pirate ship K95 has a simple aesthetic. Those who have purchased their own game PC in the past may not be familiar with the pirate ship brand.

It still contains most of the features of the premium gaming keyboard we expect. Because they not only have a keyboard market, but also heat, mouse, insideSave, PSU, etc.

It has your choice of Cherry MX brown, blue and red. Anywhere, any product purchased from a pirate ship is based on unparalleled quality. The game keyboard pirate ship K95 will not be functionally unchecked. It is equipped with dedicated media controls.USB straight through, detachable wrist and red backlight. The CORSAIR K95 RGB Platinum keyboard is no exception.

  • Function acquisition key
  • Cost-effective
  • Beautiful backlight

Check Detail

(2)SteelSeries Apex 350

best keyboard for gaming

SteelSeries Apex 350If you want to redouble your efforts and upgrade to the best absolute best. One of the best looking gaming keyboards on the market is the SteelSeries Apex 350.

It has a unique design. In addition to the gaming keyboard Corsair K95. It’s hard to find another Kind of choice.

Allow light to pass through the sides of the keyboardShoot out.

It also has a replaceable keyboard button. Its huge footprint still requires some desktop cleaning to comfortably nest to give you the perfect angle. The SteelSeries Apex 350 features a low profile design that is low profile. Switching the sides is as easy as flipping.

  • Good button quality
  • Key cap workmanship is beautiful
  • Need a lot of space

Check Detail

(3)Logitech G910

best logitech gaming keyboard

Logitech G910Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G switch is magical. For those who regularly go to New Egg, Amazon or TigerDirect to buy computer peripherals. Traditionally reserved for Logitech’s high-end motherboards.

Logitech is no stranger. Because they have many different types of computer products.It was designed in cooperation with Japanese switch giant Omron. So there are too many computer products that cannot be introduced one by one. In fact, they have the best display on the market.

But the most important is the dedicated macro and USB pass-through, even with backlighting. They also have the best mechanical games of the year.Keyboard, and some great features. First of all, it has a total of 9 customizable g keys that can be easily placed on your finger at any time. It may wear out over time.

Anti-ghosting technology will ensure that each key you press can be accurately pointed to the location, and the inferior keyboard will appear as a button blur.

  • Very good budget
  • The keyboard is very durable
  • No dedicated macro
  • Backlight is not everyone likes

Check Detail

(4)Cougar 700k

best wireless gaming keyboard

Cougar 700kCougars doesn’t seem to be content to be the king of RGB. The Cougars 700k is a great keyboard. This is really an underrated gaming keyboard brand. Some trusted offices actually like it very much.

Personally, I put the Cougars 700K in the game keyboard.Choose. But if you don’t, you can turn it off. Its manufacturing quality is impressive, the G key is great. But the buttons on the Cougars 700K feel good.

The base is sturdy, with USB straight through and a comfortable wrist rest. The recording macro is a simple one-touch button. It has us The most sensitive action of any key switch ever seen.

  • Feature-rich
  • Easy media control
  • The keyboard is very strong
  • Cable design is not standardized

Check Detail

(5)Corsair K55

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

Corsair K55When it comes to all the useful things, we can’t think of a better keyboard than the Corsair K55. When you see this keyboard, you can feel the beautiful price immediately, so it is definitely worthwhile to choose the pirate ship K55 RGB.

This is the quietest game keyboard I have tested. It’s intuitive sound.The gauge dial is very satisfactory to use. The price is impressive. You can’t go wrong with this incredible price.

When you see this keyboard, you can immediately feel the beautiful price. The front panel extends beyond the base to provide a lever for lifting the keyboard. So choose Choosing the pirate ship K55 RGB is definitely worth it.

  • The button sound is very crisp
  • Stylish design
  • The volume knob feels good
  • Magnetic foot bar is unstable

Check Detail

(6)Razer Black Widow Spider Symphony V2

best cheap gaming keyboard

Razer Black Widow Spider Symphony V2The unique center is open. For online games, I hope to find a product matching game keyboard and accessories with chroma illumination? The two halves are connected using a 20-inch cable.

So this is what you want. Black Widow Spider Symphony V2 not only balances Shu Fitness and performance. To best cater to their natural hand position. And take a step forward in this search process.

Since Razer has added five macro keys that can be assigned to almost all in-game actions, the lower half can also be pushed aside during the game, releasing some extra Mouse space. Therefore, BlackWidow Chroma V2 supports 16.8 million color LED effects. All buttons are instantly programmable without the need to install additional driver software.

  • Macro is very easy to use
  • Super traversal during game
  • High comfort
  • Mouse space needs to be improved

Check Detail

(7)The CORSAIR K63

best compact gaming keyboard

The CORSAIR K63The Corsair K63 keyboard is the only place in the world where optical mechanical switches can be found. The best wireless PC gaming keyboard In the past few years.

we have seen many wireless gaming mice, but not many wireless gaming keyboards. So far, the Corsair K63 wireless keyboard makes A wired version of the K63 is used and converted to a wireless version without sacrificing performance.

The optomechanical construction avoids the traditional metal contacts, but instead passes through the light beam emitted by the switch when the key is pressed. The K63 Wireless uses a compact cherry MX red button, full RGB effect and Convenient media control to display our wireless keyboard features. This means they are very easy to be delivered by spam, but still provide tactile feedback.

  • Optics is great
  • Durable full-size board
  • Beautiful design
  • Price instability

Check Detail

(8)HyperX Alloy Elite Kingston

best quiet gaming keyboard

HyperX Alloy Elite KingstonIf you turn a blind eye to its price. The Cherry MX key axis follows Kingston’s first HyperX brand gaming keyboard, HyperX Alloy FPS. The HyperX Alloy Elite has adjusted the company’s first award-winning keyboard.

The price you have to pay is a durable, fine-tuned typewriter. Only minor changes have been made. A little more than your predecessor, you can get the media button.

Removable cable, double-click the ABS button cap, and a pure black chassis that resists fingerprints. Light bars and even palm rests, these are not previously available. They are also a series of satisfactory liters Level, it is completely possible to ignore some of the prices proposed by this generation. Especially its stabilizer.

  • durable
  • Great typing experience
  • Key cap feels good
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Light needs to be optimized

Check Detail


best gaming keyboard brands

G.SKILL KM780R RGBG.SKILL is small and has no cross design. It may not know their keyboards, such as Razer and Corsair. But they are paired with G.SKILL. It saves desktop space and makes room for the mouse.

You can get the common Cherry MX colors in this model: red, brown or blue. Just like Logitech’s gaming keyboard (no crazy price). The highest level of keycaps we see in mainstream gaming keyboards.

G.SKILL contains six dedicated macros on the left edge of the keyboard. It may be a setback for RGB enthusiasts, but we think this is a small generation.The MIC and USB ports have very sporty audio effects. Another small, compact feature is the foldable mouse cable holder. Please pay for this amazing keycap

  • Design is very user-friendly
  • The game is very accurate
  • More color choices
  • Great programming
  • Virtual misplacement needs to be improved

Check Detail

(10)VicTsing Mechanical

best affordable gaming keyboard

VicTsing MechanicalThere are several different styles to choose from, but VicTsing Mechanical is our favorite.

We decided to replace G.SKILL with VicTsing Mechanical for three reasons. The keyboard is not only comfortable but also flexible, and much cheaper than buying actual mechanical models.

First, its traditional membrane switch feels more familiar. Second, it has more features. Third, it is more affordable. But its stylish design. Simple installation and compact shape are all powerful arguments.

  • Membrane switch is commendable
  • Dedicated media control
  • Convenient work
  • Very good to adapt to the game
  • The buttons are somewhat unstable during the game.

Check Detail

(11)Corsair Vengeance K70

best silent gaming keyboard

Corsair Vengeance K70The Corsair Vengeance K70 is widely regarded as one of the best gaming keyboards of all time. The ultra-low-cost Corsair Vengeance K70 provides a solid entry point for those who want to enter the mechanical keyboard on budget. It is a powerful mechanical keyboard. This sexy black

Color oxidation treatment, brushed aluminum frame makes it very designed. Despite trimming all the features, the K70 actually feels good. The buttons feel great and the backlight is comfortable rather than overwhelming. Its loud buzz and deafening space bar can definitely annoy those attempts

People who fall asleep, so be careful.

  • Appearance and construction and uniformity
  • Compact button arrangement
  • Backlit comfort
  • The game room is very loud
  • Cable connector is unstable

Check Detail

(12)SteelSeries 6Gv2

best ergonomic gaming keyboard

SteelSeries 6Gv2
We are a big fan of SteelSeries products. If you are serious about the game and have plenty of money.

Metal plates have a unique skeleton design, high quality mechanical structure and RGB backlight, so don’t miss their keyboard.

6Gv2 is a high quality, rugged keyboard. This dream The magical keyboard is equipped with wrist support and the keys are high enough.

There are two different versions: cherry red and cherry black switch verison, both considered to be the two best game switches. They don’t have a lot of features, but they perform well, they are professional game quality. You will get some

Serious quality and excellent gaming experience.

  • Smooth button
  • Stylish design
  • Dust and overflow proof is great
  • The backlight is very gentle
  • Wireless support needs to increase the experience

Check Detail

(13)ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro

best rgb gaming keyboard

ROCCAT Ryos MK ProROCCAT MK Pro is one of the best gaming keyboards on the market. If your budget is very strict, then ROCCAT MK Pro is an excellent gaming keyboard. Great value for money.

Ryos MK Pro is a mechanical keyboard that can be exchanged with any of your favorite Cherry MX buttons.use. It has 3 programmable thumb buttons under the space bar.

It is designed to give buyers many of the key features traditionally seen on only the more expensive boards. There are 5 programmable macro buttons on the left side of the keyboard. In addition, Roccat has a simple shift button instead of It’s a caps lock feature.

In short, although professionals miss the mechanical key. It allows you to provide an auxiliary button function for each button on the board. Highlights include full RGB backlighting, dedicated media control and endless software customization.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Great game
  • The board is great
  • The key exchange space is very reasonable
  • a little chunky

Check Detail

(14)Cooler Master MK-750-GKCM1-US

best gaming keyboard for the money

Cooler Master MK-750-GKCM1-USThe Cool Cool Extreme keyboard has always been one of the gamers’ favorite keyboards. “Think you are a professional player, right?

Why not prove it? Their new MasterKeys collection combines Cooler Master’s cool craftsmanship with the stellar Cherry MX button.

The function is 9 purple double-shot PBT game key caps. In addition to all black, there is no alphabet keyboard. Used for WASD, arrow keys and ESC keys. Because, of course, if you are a suitable game player, then you are not interested in this frivolity?

  • Unforgettable touch
  • Sleek minimalist design
  • External port diversification
  • Bad typing experience

Check Detail

(15).Mad Catz STRIKE

best small gaming keyboard

Mad Catz STRIKE 7 GBMad Catz STRIKE 7 GB is an expensive gaming keyboard. Who is Mad Catz? what is this? Ok, give us some time to explain.

The reason is the same: the classic black rectangle design, for those who hate them, there is no numeric keyboard. This is the keyboard of the Batmobile. Mad Catz takes keyboard design to the next level.

Full backlight (the color will vary depending on the switch you choose). They are trying to make some innovations on traditional keyboards, failing in some areas and succeeding in other areas. In addition, it uses the real Cherry MX switch.

  • Dedicated media control
  • Responsive key
  • Attractive finish
  • Easy to use custom utility
  • expensive

Check Detail

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